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A Career, or a Job?

You may have found a window into a true career in the medical billing industry. A place to earn your living where you come to work because it is fun and rewarding, not only because you have to have a paycheck. Your abilities and intentions are the only thing between you and financial rewards you may not currently imagine you can ever achieve! The power of our software enables us to compete so strongly in our industry that as a result we can compensate our employees generously.

The Responsibilities

Most importantly, the job you would perform is extremely varied…essentially limited only by your abilities. Most patient and charge entry is done electronically computer to computer. We do manually key some insurance payments, though at least half are also processed electronically. Since many of the repetitive tasks are automated here expertise in insurance billing and problem resolution becomes even more important. Diagnosis and procedure coding, and managed care certification are all valuable skills. At the upper end the ability to meet with clients to discuss results and solve problems is important as well. Ability to determine causes of reduced cash flow is desirable also. Fluency in Spanish is always welcomed. We take incoming patient calls and update insurance information, work rejected insurance claims, and prepare deposits. We work exclusively with Pathology practices, so knowledge of laboratory medicine is a plus also. We demand commitment and responsibility of all of our staff, this is not an easy job, it’s a great career!

Plans for Growth

The organizational model we intend to grow on is based on a group of fourteen, a manager, three team leaders, and 10 line staff members. Depending upon our experience of the results and the ability of the manager that group size could expand considerably and with it the income of the manager. With the right staff our growth will provide the opportunity for personal growth and higher incomes as well. We intend to make this a place that you can expand your professional capabilities from where you are today to your fullest potential.

This is a ground floor opportunity with a company with a fourteen year track record in the pathology billing business. If you are currently in the field of healthcare management and billing you may recognize one of our owners as a founding partner and developer of the Medic Computer System. What we have is a software package that will simply amaze you. With far less time spent doing routine tasks as a result of a level of automation unknown anywhere else in our industry, far more powerful and sophisticated reporting than you have ever had at your fingertips, we can show you that less really is more.

There is no question that anyone of significant skill and dedication interested in working in this field (with or without prior experience) will command greater compensation at Genesis than with any other employer. Our policies allow us to pay higher than normal salaries in order to keep the best employees in the long term. Our benefit package belies our size, as does our market presence. Our offices are in Southern Wake Forest where all positions are staffed now and likely will be for the foreseeable future. Our benefit package includes health insurance, vacation, paid holidays, and plans for a company funded profit sharing plan, in addition to bonuses based on both the company’s performance as well as yours.

What are your hiring needs?

We have openings that would be appropriate for someone new to the billing industry starting in the $8-12/hr range that would be an opportunity for entry into our field with possible advancement in the more technically skilled positions. Good work ethic, and the ability to work well with others combined with the ability(and interest) to learn new tasks are all that is required. Bilingual(Spanish-English) ability is a big plus. If your English is good enough to communicate with your superior its good enough for our purposes. Our skilled positions(experience in medical billing, outstanding claims, denial management, etc.) pay salaries from $25k-??. Our technical positions involve substantial interaction with a highly sophisticated billing system(think Misys on steroids) that provides levels of automation that will significantly increase your productivity. The single most important asset you must possess is a commitment to the success of your employers company. If you have that and substantial skills that would assist us in delivering the very best possible financial results for our clients…We want to see your resume. We are looking for people who are looking for a “home”, “their last job”, “a place to belong”. When we find those rare individuals we will do everything in our power to support their growth, to empower their lives, contribute to their family’s well being(flexibility).

We have a very specific need for diagnosis coding skills to serve as a “reserve” for those times when our “first team” is unavailable due to illness or vacations. Those skills could be present in someone wishing to be a full time member of our team, or a stay at home mom(or dad) who wanted to work from home. It’s important to note that only this 1 task(dx coding) is eligible for work at home status with Genesis. Please do not write asking about working from home in general as we are not set up to allow other functions to be done remotely.

In general we are urging anyone with medical billing skills to respond to this search as we will do our best to make room for as many truly committed individuals as possible.

If you have responded to a prior search please feel free to respond again whether we contacted you or not.


Please E-mail your resume to along with a significant, detailed cover letter indicating why we should give your resume consideration, what this opportunity would mean for you, and what you can and will bring to the table should we hire you. While our interest in an applicant will not be determined by low or high numbers, we still need to know your income history and desired salary level.

What happens next?

Outstanding applicants will be contacted within 5 days to indicate our interest, and to arrange for the interview process. It is possible that we will not have time to interview all applicants in which we are interested, but all applications of interest will be kept on file in anticipation of future hiring needs. It is also possible that the sheer magnitude of the response to this ad may overwhelm our ability to screen all responses resulting in two results:
  • Responding early and completely would be a major advantage
  • The most qualified responses may be overlooked initially but noticed later. Just because you do not hear immediately does NOT mean we have no interest, don’t be discouraged. We will try to respond via email to anyone that we have interest in at this time.
Please do not call or come by the office.

We have almost 25 years experience writing medical billing systems and supporting the business side of our clients practices.

It is very important for pathologists to know that their billing service is diligent in its pursuit of their revenue stream and that every effort is made to avoid write-offs.

Our software is an extension of years of experience and careful assessment of where other systems could have delivered more value.

Our labor-saving design elements reduce our costs and allow us to provide exceptional service with lower service fees to the pathologist.

Genesis has deployed advanced telephony for rapid call-routing and archival of collection calls on disk media and automated mail handling systems to further reduce our labor costs. The software engine that drives our business is the exclusive property of Genesis Billing Services and we have not licensed any aspect our system from a third-party and, as such, we are not reliant on any external entity when it comes to maintaining, upgrading, or customizing our system.