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We have almost 25 years experience writing medical billing systems and supporting the business side of our clients practices.

It is very important for pathologists to know that their billing service is diligent in its pursuit of their revenue stream and that every effort is made to avoid write-offs.

Our software is an extension of years of experience and careful assessment of where other systems could have delivered more value.

Our labor-saving design elements reduce our costs and allow us to provide exceptional service with lower service fees to the pathologist.

Genesis has deployed advanced telephony for rapid call-routing and archival of collection calls on disk media and automated mail handling systems to further reduce our labor costs. The software engine that drives our business is the exclusive property of Genesis Billing Services and we have not licensed any aspect our system from a third-party and, as such, we are not reliant on any external entity when it comes to maintaining, upgrading, or customizing our system.