setstats Genesis Pathology Billing

We have almost 25 years experience writing medical billing systems and supporting the business side of our client's practices. Our third-generation software development effort has yielded a refined and forward-thinking solution that delivers outstanding results for our clients.

"For over 10 years Genesis has consistently provided outstanding personal service and exceptional results. I believe we are capturing and collecting revenue at the highest levels possible"

Robert B. Kinney, MD
Cabarrus Pathology Associates

It is very important for pathologists to know that their billing service is diligent in its pursuit of their revenue stream...that the resources are focused on a systematic process that yields results...that every effort is made to avoid write-offs. Integrity and trust cannot be compromised.

"We have the utmost confidence in our billing service. Genesis has earned our complete trust"

Rachel H. Ross, MD
Rowan Regional Pathology Associates

The engine that drives a billing service is the software. Ours is an extension of years of experience and careful assessment of where other systems could have delivered more value. The primary design points for our system were to force labor costs down wherever possible, minimize repetitive tasks, provide more informative (straighttalk) communication with patients, and provide superior analytical tools to drive the highest possible revenue capture for our clients. The software was designed to accommodate change...with ease and speed, so as industry regulations and payer policies change, our system has the agility built in to respond quickly.

Controlling costs is more important than ever for pathologists in today's economy and considering the effects of managed health care on the revenue side of the practice. Our labor-saving design elements reduce our costs and allow us to provide exceptional service with lower service fees to the pathologist. Driving costs out of the practice while utilizing a high-quality, results-oriented billing service just makes good sense.

Genesis has deployed advanced telephony for rapid call-routing and archival of collection calls on disk media and automated mail handling systems to further reduce our labor costs. The software engine that supports our business is the exclusive property of Genesis Billing Services. We have not licensed any aspect of our system from a third party, and we are not reliant on any external entity for maintaining, upgrading, or customizing our system.

At Genesis, we are guided by a simple premise…high quality + low cost = best value. We believe that is a winning combination for pathologists seeking the best billing service for their practice. After all, it’s your money...Our approach in building our business is to focus on cost-reduction within our company without sacrificing quality. The only way to do that is to build better software. Our software is a workhorse and it doesn’t cost us anything each month (we built it, we own it). It works tirelessly in your behalf and streamlines what we do every day. Our goal was to build a system that minimizes the need for human intervention, driving down our largest single cost…labor. We pass the savings on to you, creating a billing service solution that makes good sense for today’s pathology practice. Managed health care and other economic forces are having an adverse effect on physician revenues. Genesis can help move the trend in the other direction with higher revenues and lower costs...