Genesis A Pathology Billing Service Testimonial from Jim Ogburn, MD Eastern Texas Pathology Labs in Athens, Texas.
“A few months after I switched to Genesis our collections increased 20% and it’s been that way for years!”
Jim Ogburn, MD Eastern Texas Pathology Labs Athens, TX

Genesis Pathology Billing Service

We could have a wall of text here showing exactly how much we know about the ins and outs of pathology billing and we would look like absolutely every other pathology billing service that you will see. Your practice and lab are unique and our solutions for you will be also. We would never promise dramatic increases in collections because we don’t know what we will find but we have generated increases in collections in excess of our entire fee for every client we have taken on who left another billing service.  It’s quite likely the same will happen for you. We start that process by talking with you. You start that process by filling out the form to the right or calling us at 800-948-8764.
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Executive Leadership

David Craven

After a ten-year career authoring medical billing software that has been used for physicians in solo practice and others in groups of 50 or more, David created Genesis Pathology Billing in 1991. Pathology billing is complex and high volume, two things that can be handled with exceptional software development skills. The fact that he has always been(and still is) involved in the day to day details allows Genesis to find every possible way to increase your revenue. Every pathology group can benefit from using Genesis as their billing service, but the smaller practices, whether hospital-based or in an independent laboratory are most likely to see truly amazing increases in revenue.

Matt Ward

After working as the Director of Managed Care for two large teaching organizations and their faculty practice groups, Matt moved on to working directly with pathology groups and labs on their insurance issues.

Active in pathology financial management for a quarter of a century, Matt has developed a knowledge base and skill set to answer most any question.

About Us

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As you may be searching for a new pathology billing service, please consider the unique attributes that Genesis offers. There are a variety of choices when it comes to billing services and Genesis, with an exclusive focus on pathology, provides a powerful software solution focused on delivering outstanding financial results for pathologists by utilizing advanced algorithms and other proprietary automation techniques to make the billing process as efficient and error-free as possible.

Over the years, Genesis has prospered because of loyal and satisfied clients. Those clients know that Genesis has software that yields substantial and meaningful benefits. Those benefits come in two forms. First, system-based techniques that relentlessly work the process resulting in higher collection rates. Secondly, the advanced software developed by Genesis automates countless tasks that other billing services handle with manual labor. The time saved is directed towards the work that has not yet been automated.  

While Genesis is exclusively focused on pathology billing, we know it is the significant knowledge of the major issues that pathologists face in their practice that allow us to tune our software development and daily operations in a way that separates Genesis from other billing services. Additionally, we have amassed a very strong knowledge of the reimbursement practices of the insurance companies that supply the majority of the pathologist’s revenue stream. When converting new clients to the Genesis system it is always apparent that the prior billing service was overlooking opportunities for maximum reimbursement from the insurance companies.

As all physicians face the impact of declining revenues due to managed health care and other forces in the marketplace, Genesis provides a means for your pathology group to offset profit erosion by driving higher collection rates as a result of using artificial intelligence to make decisions and take actions that are accomplished by staff at other billing services. While staff can choose to take the easy way out, our software remains diligent 24/7. In most cases, the data our clients send us at the end of their workday is completely processed and claims are submitted after we have left for the day and actually retrieves reports, processes them and refiles corrected claims before we return the next day!